DMV Committee

We have a wonderful opportunity to display quilts made by our members at the Palmer Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  We hang at least five per month; our hanger sizes are as follows:

1 x 90" wide

2 x 60" wide

1 x 45" wide

1 x 30" wide

We would like to use the holidays in the month to set the theme and colors of the quilts we hang each month.

January:  blues ~ snowflakes, snowmen

February:  reds ~ hearts

March:  green ~ St. Patrick's Day

April:  pastel ~ Easter 

May:  floral ~ Mother's Day

June:  floral ~ gardens

July:  red, white, blue ~ Patriotic

August:  Fair ~ farming, fruit, vegetables

September:  back-to-school, hunting

October:  fall ~ Halloween

November:  fall ~ Thanksgiving

December:  red, green gold ~ Christmas

If you have a quilt(s) you can part with for about a month, please click the email link below and let us know what size your quilt is:

Be sure you have a label of some kind on your quilt so that we can return it promptly and to its rightful owner.

Thank you for your support,

Sharon Hillstrom

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